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The electrical wiring of your home is discretely hidden inside the walls and ceiling of your home. It is out of sight and out of mind. The electrical wiring of your home silently and safely distributes very large amounts of power to all of the appliances and other devices that require power to make your life as convenient as it is. However, if neglected problems can develop that could result in shock injury of a family member, electrocution or even a fire that could destroy your home. According to the Institute of Electrical Inspection (IEI), electrical problems are the biggest source of property damage and fires in Australia. Even small electrical devices can cause injury or fires when connected to a faulty circuit or outlet. This sort of personal injury and fire damage is easily avoided by getting a qualified electrician to do periodic safety inspections of your home’s wiring.

What is an electrical home safety inspection?

An inspection of the electrical system of your home will include a very thorough examination of all of your home’s wiring, circuit breakers, breaker box, all outlets, switches and attached appliances. All of these items will be inspected closely to ensure that they comply with the National Electrical Code Australia (NECA), which is the building and safety code that provides guidance on all the electrical systems installed in any building in Australia. Andrew’s Perth Home Services has expert qualified electricians on duty who can perform these checks and repair any problems that are found. After the inspection is complete the electrician will make any recommendations for repairs or upgrades that need to be made if problems are found. The Electricians from Andrew’s Perth Home Services are qualified to do all sorts of electrical work ranging from minor wiring repairs to complete rewiring of your home.

The Institute of Electrical Inspections Recommends Electrical Safety Inspection:download

– When first buying a house

– When a house is 40 years old or older

– When you need to add an appliance with a significantly large electrical draw

– When a home appears to be in need of renovation or repair

– When you experience electrical problems or frequent tripping of breakers

An Electrical Home Safety Inspection Is Important for the Safety of Your Home Because It Ensures:

– It guarantees the proper and efficient operation of all your appliances and electrical devices

– It can spot amateur electrical work that was done in the past that is not safe or up to code

– It can detect outdated, old and potentially dangerous wiring

– It can spot pending failures and electrical hazards that may have developed for any reason

– It can locate and remove oversized fuses and breakers that are too large for a circuit

– It can spot fire hazards and shock hazards

– An energy audit can help you reduce your electric expenses

– It can find and repair or update electrical wiring to comply with insurance standards

An Electrical Home Inspection from Andrew’s Perth Home Services Includes:

– An energy audit to gauge energy use

– Inspection of main switch box and wall outlets condition.

– Checking for voltage on ground wires that could lead to electrical shock

– Confirming that all breakers and safety switches are functioning normally

– Inspection of safety and emergency lighting

– Checking the condition of the breaker box and breakers

– A check of surge suppressors installed in your home

– A check of the safety and proper operation of portable heaters

– An assessment of HVAC cooling system.

– Checking that hardwired smoke detectors are installed, have good batteries and work properly

-Testing and tagging of smoke detectors.

-Testing of carbon monoxide identifiers.

-Assessment of the electrical board for correct labels, proper amp rating, and operation.

-An examination of outdoor electrical wiring.

– Preparing a detailed report of all the finding of the electrical inspection

The electrical experts at Andrew’s Perth Home Services offer these electrical inspections as a free service whenever they do any sort of electrical work in your home. Don’t wait. I’s free. Contact Andrew’s Perth Home Services for your electrical inspection and report today.