Outdoor Emergency Security Lights

The Importance of Outdoor Emergency and Security Lights

Safety and security is a basic necessity for all people, but unfortunately, people don’t always think about it and are not aware of the dangers around them. Outdoor emergency lighting can add security in many ways and create a generally safer environment, while at the same time providing peace of mind to those in the area.security-lighting-inland-empire

Most people don’t spend any time thinking about all of the bad things that can happen until they have already happened. Safety and emergency lighting is important to have during emergencies, calamities and disasters, not to mention power outages. Some of the different types of emergency lights and security lighting systems that are available are listed below. These lights should be installed by qualified electricians to ensure that they function well when they are needed.

Outdoor Emergency Lighting for Public Spaces

Outdoor lighting for public spaces is very important. First of all, when people are driving around in public parking lots and pedestrians are walking in the same space, the lights make it easier for cars to see all the people who are around and not hit them with their car. Another good reason is that a brightly lit area is usually a safer area. Not only does it help pedestrians who are walking around no to trip on obstacles and hurt themselves by falling, it also reduces crimes, especially violent crimes. Criminals hate light. They run from it the same way roaches run when a light is turned on.

If the lighting that is installed also has battery backup and can function without grid power, then that is also emergency lighting. Emergency lighting helps people stay safe, calm and to maintain order during catastrophes and other emergency situations.

Outdoor Emergency Lighting for Medical Facilities

Emergency lighting and security lights are in use in most public buildings such as hospitals and other medical facilities. These lights allow the medical institutions to continue to operate even during a power outage. When there is a major calamity or disaster, many people will be filling the hospitals and may be severely injured and in critical need of help. Nurses and doctors can work much more efficiently if there are functioning lights, that is why most medical buildings have not only emergency lighting, but uninterruptable power supplies as well as standby power generation. Without these emergency lights and power backups many more people might die during a major crisis.


Emergency/Security Lighting for Industrial Plants

Industrial plants must have emergency lighting in case something happens in critical areas of the production or assembly line. Oil refineries and manufacturing plants, nuclear power plants, and hazardous chemical plants are all high risk commercial activities that can cause a widespread hazardous impact including explosion, fire and contamination and must be prepared for any unforeseen crisis.

Emergency /Security Lights for Outdoor Retail Spaces

It may be difficult to see imagine why you might ever need emergency lighting for an outside retail space, but anywhere you are doing business and there are people around it is wise to install emergency lights. It is even more prudent to have emergency lighting in a shopping mall where many people come to shop, relax, and eat. People can get excited and panic when the lights go out, so it is important to keep crowded places well lit. You can also use emergency lighting to enhance outdoor security lighting as well.

Emergency Lighting for Homes

It is important to have emergency security lighting at home and interface it to your home security alarm or CCTV system. This is to make sure no one will take advantage of a crisis and enter or rob your home. It not only gives you peace of mind but it helps secure your home from any threats to you and your family’s safety. They must be installed in the key points of your home, especially around your fence and entrance gates. This will enable you to prepare ahead in the event that criminals ever try to enter your home.


Keeping yourself safe and secure as well as your home and family should always be a top priority. Having emergency lighting and security lighting installed by Andrew’s Home Services not only guarantees your peace of mind but you are also assured that you are getting a quality emergency and security lighting installation which can help you sleep soundly at night knowing your home is safe and protected.