Home’s Electrical System Upgrade

When to Get Your Home’s Electrical System Upgraded

There are many good reasons for upgrading the electrical wiring and junction box of your home. It might be that your home’s electrical system is very old, or maybe is having problems and might be a hazard. Also, you may need to bring your home’s electrical systems up to current codes. Another good reason to upgrade is when your electrical demands become greater than your house’s electrical system can handle. An example of this is when your house has only a 60-amp fuse box and you want to install 120 amps of appliances. df

Signs that your home’s electrical wiring has problems might include lights that blink on and off, make smoke and burning odors that can’t be found. Also, if you are getting shocks when you contact things, that is very dangerous. If your home’s power system is not large enough to accommodate the amps you are pulling from it, you may often have blown fuses or tripped safety switches and breakers. When you find that your house’s electrical witing has problems due to age, or has developed issues that might cause it to become unsafe or that you want to increase the capacity of your electrical system, have your home checked out by a qualified electrician.

Understanding Your Home’s Electrical Junction Box

Your house’s junction box, might have fuses or breakers. A breaker box is the current standard and fuse boxes are outdated. All of your house’s wiring converges at a single point in the fuse box or breaker box. The fuses and breakers are safety devices that will disconnect power from any electrical circuits that run into a problem. The primary electrical wires from the utility company come in from outside and are attached to the junction box. From this point, the electricity is carried to the rest of your home on a variety of circuits.

Other than merely connecting all of your various wires around your hose to electricity from your power company, the safety switches, breakers and fuses in the box protect your house’s wires from dangerous overload situations which could cause injury or fire. Because this is your first line of defense that protects the home and your family from electrical dangers, it is prudent that you upgrade it to the current standards that comply with the latest building codes. Even when you feel your current system is up to date, if you often trip the breakers because your electrical box is too small for your home, you still need to upgrade.

Signs That Your Electrical Service is Undersized or Potentially Unsafe

The biggest reason a house’s electrical system that meets today’s standards might need to be upgraded is if you have put in more appliances that weren’t installed before. Some examples of this are adding hot tubs, a new air conditioner system, or an HVAC system in a home that didn’t have them before. Furthermore, updating a water heater to an electric version or upgrading a small electric water heater to a considerably larger one can cause problems. In the kitchen, adding additional stoves and ovens that run on electricity can increase the electrical load on your house’s electrical system. It is generally not just one appliance that overloads your electrical wiring, but a combination of newly installed appliances. If you happen to notice that your houses power system can’t meet the demands of your family anymore, contact a qualified electrician and get your junction box and wiring upgraded.



Getting your home’s power systems upgraded by Andrew’s Home Services will ensure that you get the most from your house’s power system and will prevent power interruptions and dangerous wiring problems. When you think that your house’s electrical system is too old, has become hazardous or can’t provide your family’s power needs, contact Andrew’s Home Services and let a team of qualified electrical upgrade technicians check out the whole electrical system of the house and to upgrade it where required.